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Ready Set Jet Sensory Trio Kit

Ready Set Jet Sensory Trio Kit

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Meemzy Magic's Ready Set Jet Sensory Trio Kit provides endless fun, anywhere! This trio includes kinetic powder sugar white sand, soft pink cloud dough, and floral scented rose colored slime with rainbow glitter!

The different textures between sand, dough and slime provide various tactile and sensory fun that brings out your little one's imagination! Whether you're flying to a beachy destination, going on a road trip, or a staycation over the holidays, this Ready Set Jet Sensory Trio Kit is perfect for all occasions.

Pick one up as a gift for someone special or a few to set up a sensory fun station for birthday parties. Take this trio along for a meaningful visit with the grandparents, or bring with you to lounge by the poolside. No matter where you are, smiles will be shared by all! Enjoy!

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