Let the sunshine in!

Spring is a magical time with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and endless fun waiting for kids to explore, play, and learn!

Perfect Springtime Sensory Experiences!

Plant Seeds and Flowers

Planting seeds is like burying tiny treasures in the soil. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to get their hands dirty and learn about how food and plants grow.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Encourage kids to explore the outdoors and collect items from nature, focusing on different textures, colors, and smells. Try things like a large smooth rock, a pointy rock, a crunch leaf and pine cones.

Feed the Birds

Buy a small batch of different seeds and let your child mix seeds together in a large bowl (wash hands before play for bird’s health). Than go for a walk around the yard and spread the bird seed.

Plant a Sensory Garden

Kids can help create a mix of soil and grit or small rocks. Than plant flavorful and touch friendly herbs like rosemary, mint, chamomille. Click Here to Learn More about Sensory Planting.

Printable coloring pages

Click Here to download and print our spring coloring pages.

Buzz Around with Us!

Play, listen & explore our planet.

Learn all about Pollinators!