We are thrilled to announce that Meemzy Magic’s has secured the prestigious National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Specifically for our Under the Sea Sensory Kit and When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth Sensory Kit! Keep reading to learn about the extensive award process and Meemzy Magic Sensory Kits stood apart from the competition. Plus, why you need to add our kits to your holiday wish list!

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

This recognition comes after a rigorous eight-week evaluation process conducted by The National Parenting Center. Providing parents, children, and educators with the opportunity to thoroughly examine a variety of submitted products. The multi-step process involved testers engaging with, building, reading about, and judging each product’s quality based on the reactions of children. Meemzy Magic’s sensory kits stood out at every stage of this evaluation. Showcasing their excellence in desirability, quality, sturdiness, interactivity, packaging, stimulation, and other essential criteria!

Unique Features of the Sensory Kits

What sets these sensory kits apart are their unique compounds, including slime, and tools that encourage open-play and creativity. Meanwhile, parents will appreciate the easy cleanup and the self-contained box, making these kits perfect for on-the-go families. Meemzy Magic’s sensory kits offer a hassle-free and convenient solution for parents seeking engaging and enriching activities for their children. This emphasis on quality and interactivity aligns perfectly with criteria for The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Sensory toy kit with colored dough, leaves, pipe cleaners, and stones.

Sensory Kits and the Holidays

Looking ahead to the holidays, Meemzy Magic’s sensory kits are poised to be indispensable companions for families. Whether on the road or at home, these kits serve as effective distractions during travels and assist children in processing long and chaotic days. They become not just toys but tools for enhancing the holiday experience for both parents and children. Providing a creative outlet and a source of entertainment that is both educational and enjoyable. Add the Under the Sea or When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth to your holiday wish list and make magical memories in 2024!