The Ikea Flisat Table is a versatile piece of furniture that is perfect for children’s playrooms and classrooms! Made of solid pine, the durable table features ample surface area for a wide range of activities. Such as drawing, painting, and building with blocks! However, with space underneath for sensory kits, the Filsat Table becomes an even more valuable tool. Widely used for children’s learning and development. Check out our favorite ways to play with the Flisat table from Ikea! Whether you prefer DIY sensory kits or sensory bins from Meemzy Magic.

Why do Parents Love the Ikea Flisat Table?

What’s with all the hype surrounding the Ikea kid’s sensory table? It is the perfect setup for playtime, including sensory kits that tap into early childhood education! The table’s low height makes it easy for children to access the bins, and the smooth lacquered surface is easy to clean – having fun can get messy! As a parent, you couldn’t ask for a better piece of furniture, designed to coincide with toys and activities that promote exploration, discovery, and creativity. It also doesn’t hurt that the minimalist Scandinavian design will lend a clean modern look to your playroom.

sensory kits for flint table from ikea

Sensory Kits for the Ikea Flisat

Sensory kits are collections of items that stimulate the senses, including touch, sight, sound, and smell. Combined with the Filsat Table from Ikea, and Trofast Bins, your child will enjoy hours of open-ended play. Take a look at our favorite sensory table play ideas that are not only fun but improve cognitive and motor skills.

Rainbow Rice – This activity is easy to make and can be used several times over before replacing. It is also one of the most popular activities for the Flisat table from Ikea. Start by using food dye to color the rice – only a little or you run the risk of stained fingers! Afterward, place it in a bin with a mix of instruments for play, such as cups, utensils, and their favorite figures.

Meemzy Magic Under the Sea – Dive deep into the sea with this curated mermaid play kit. Beach sand and ocean-colored dough provide a fun-filled seascape to build upon with colorful shells, stones, and a chest full of treasures! It also comes with beautiful diverse mermaid figurines.

Press N’ Seal Art – If your child loves to paint, but you hate the mess, try press n’ seal art. Add several dollops of different color paint, along with glitter and other materials, to a Ziploc bag. Once closed, secure it to the Filsat tabletop for your child to press and play with to create a work of art.

Meemzy Magic Birthday Magic – Celebrate your little one’s special day with this themed sensory kit. It comes with colorful tools and party supplies, like a personal cupcake pinata, to stir up their creativity and improve fine motor skills.

Wash Up Sensory Bin – Kids love replicating their parents and this one is a smaller version of the kitchen sink. Simply fill a bin with water and a mix of water-safe toys, like legos or figurines. Give your child tools like a toothbrush or sponge to scrub the items up or play in the water with. To minimize the mess, move the play station to the kitchen or put towels down!