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What is a Sleep Job? Sleep Techniques by Jessica Bryant

Establishing independence at bedtime is a crucial milestone for children as it fosters self-reliance and confidence. Jessica Bryant, a Sleep Strategist at Sleep Happy, provides expert advice on how to use “sleep jobs” and other techniques to encourage children to take ownership of their bedtime routines.

What are Sleep Jobs?

Sleep jobs are small, manageable tasks that children can perform as part of their bedtime routine, empowering them to be active participants in getting ready for bed. Jessica describes sleep jobs as a way to teach children the importance of their role in their own sleep, which can include tasks like picking out pajamas, brushing teeth, and choosing a bedtime story.

Why Promote Independence at Bedtime?

Promoting independence at bedtime helps children develop a sense of autonomy and accomplishment. Jessica explains that when children feel they have control over their bedtime routine, they are more likely to feel secure and calm at bedtime, leading to a smoother transition to sleep.

Techniques to Foster Bedtime Independence

  1. Routine Charts: Create visual bedtime routine charts that outline the steps your child needs to take each night. These can serve as reminders and give children a clear understanding of what is expected of them.
  2. Choice Giving: Offer choices within the routine, such as which book to read or what pajamas to wear. This gives children a sense of control and makes bedtime something they look forward to.
  3. Gradual Adjustments: Gradually increase the responsibilities your child has at bedtime as they grow older. Start with simple tasks and add more complex ones as they demonstrate readiness.

How to Handle Resistance?

Resistance to bedtime routines can be common, especially during transitions or developmental leaps. Jessica recommends maintaining consistency and being patient. Reassure your child of their capability to handle their sleep jobs and remind them of the benefits, like extra storytime for completing tasks efficiently.

The Impact of Sleep Jobs on Overall Sleep Quality

Integrating sleep jobs not only promotes independence but also improves overall sleep quality. When children participate in their own bedtime preparation, they are more likely to relax and settle down, knowing they have contributed to the process. This can lead to a deeper and more restful sleep.

Encouraging Long-term Independence

Jessica emphasizes that the skills learned through bedtime independence not only aid in better sleep habits but also help children in other areas of life by boosting their self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

By employing techniques like sleep jobs, parents can empower their children to take charge of their bedtime routines, fostering independence that extends beyond the night and into their daily lives.

Got Questions? 

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