In pediatric occupational therapy, toys aren’t merely for play. They are a strategic and therapeutic approach to addressing a child’s developmental needs. At the heart of this practice lies an understanding that toys are an effective way to connect with children. Making them powerful tools for engagement, growth, and healing. Keep reading to explore why sensory kits make exceptional occupational therapy toys. Plus, the different ways they are used to assist with a child’s development.

Why are Toys Important in Occupational Therapy?

Toys are the conduits through which occupational therapists forge connections with children. They act as bridges, facilitating communication and understanding at a child’s level – as you know, it can be hard to do! Whether intentionally designed for therapeutic purposes or not, toys possess inherent qualities that make them invaluable in addressing mental, emotional, and physical delays.

The importance of toys in occupational therapy lies in their ability to engage children in activities that promote growth and development. Through play, children learn essential life skills such as problem-solving, social interaction, and emotional regulation. Moreover, toys provide a safe and non-threatening environment where children can explore, experiment, and express themselves freely.

How are Toys Used in Treatment?

Occupational therapy toys are used in a variety of ways to target specific areas of development. Such as play dough or tweezer games to assist with the ability to use a pencil or fasten buttons. Or, sensory bins to help with self-regulation or coping strategies. These are some of the most common areas addressed in occupational therapy. Which can also be supplemented at home with the right toys or sensory kits!

  • Fine Motor Skills: Toys like building blocks, puzzles, and pegboards help children refine their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and grasp patterns.
  • Gross Motor Skills: Balls, jump ropes, and balance boards encourage gross motor movements, coordination, and body awareness.
  • Visual Motor Skills: Drawing materials, shape sorters, and mazes enhance visual perception, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Cognitive Development: Board games, memory cards, and educational toys stimulate cognitive processes such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and sequencing.
  • Balance: Sensory toys like therapy balls, balance beams, and stability discs promote core strength, balance, and postural control.
  • Play & Social Skills: Pretend play sets, dolls, and puppets facilitate imaginative play, turn-taking, sharing, and social interaction.
  • Emotional Skills: Calming tools like fidget toys, stress balls, and sensory bottles help regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, and promote self-soothing techniques.
Sensory toy kit that includes colored doughs, seashells, wooden mermaid peg dolls, pipe cleaners, and a treasure chest.

OT Sensory Toys

Sensory kits serve as treasure troves of therapeutic tools tailored to engage a child’s sensory system. These kits contain a plethora of sensory-rich items meticulously selected to provide tactile, auditory, visual, and proprioceptive experiences. Some of the most popular items found in sensory kits include:

  • Fidget Toys: Stress-relief gadgets offer tactile stimulation and promote focus and attention.
  • Chewelry: Chewable necklaces and bracelets offer oral sensory stimulation, helping children manage oral sensory needs and reduce inappropriate chewing behaviors.
  • Visual Stimulation Tools: Light-up toys, sensory balls with colorful lights, and visual timers engage visual processing and foster visual tracking skills.
  • Building Materials: Stackable and connectable toys assist with dexterity, problem-solving, mathematics, and social skills.
  • Tactile Toys: Unique textures stimulate the senses when played with, and assist with the development of size discrimination, color and tactile awareness.

Occupational therapy toys unlock the potential for children to thrive, grow, and overcome developmental challenges. At Meemzy Magic, we encourage parents to support their occupational therapists by investing in toys that address their child’s individual needs. Visit our shop today to explore our selection of curated sensory kits! Featuring materials, tools, and more that are as beneficial for a child’s development as they are fun.