Planet Protectors


Introduce your child to eco-conscious play with our “Planet Protectors” sensory kit! Packed with vibrant doughs, wooden elements, and eco-friendly toys, this set sparks creativity while teaching environmental responsibility. From gardening tools to recycling and garbage bins, each item inspires exploration and learning. Shop now to nurture a love for nature and sustainability in your little one!

Embark on an eco-friendly adventure with our Planet Protectors sensory kit! Dive into a world of environmental stewardship and imaginative play, where little ones become guardians of the planet.

Explore lush green landscapes with our trio of earthy doughs and slimes, reminiscent of rolling hills and flourishing forests. Mold wooden trees and plant mushrooms to cultivate a thriving ecosystem. Utilize the gardening tools to nurture colorful environments including fluffy white clouds, fostering a love for nature from an early age.

Engage the senses with rainbow pipe cleaners and wooden peg dolls depicting environmental champions like David Attenborough and Dr. Wangari. Inspire conversations about conservation and sustainability as children play and learn.

Navigate through the garden with butterfly nets and wooden ladybugs, promoting curiosity and respect for all living creatures. Teach the importance of recycling with miniature recycling bins and encourage responsible stewardship of our precious planet.

Delve into geography with a felt globe, sparking discussions about different ecosystems and the interconnectedness of our world. Encourage creativity with wood rounds, perfect for crafting habitats and landscapes.

With our "Planet Protectors" sensory kit, children will not only enjoy hours of imaginative play but also develop a deep appreciation for the environment and their role in protecting it for generations to come. ™ 2023 pending

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 13 × 10 cm


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