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Meemzy Magic Travel Minis! The perfect sensory kit for on the go.

Shop our Trio and get ALL 3 themes so you don’t have to choose!

Complete with:

  • Arctic Fox Travel Tales
  • Meemzy Surprise Mermaid Mini
  • Mama and Baby Penguins Explore

Don’t forget your Ready Set Jet – dough and slime trio for some added sensory fun!


Arctic Fox Travel Tales

Pounce with your imagination and join our travel tales with this arctic fox. This compact sensory Meemzy Mini features a wooden arctic fox, clear rocks that look just like ice. Bring the scene to life with a blue picket fence, snowflake seed paper that blooms into wildflowers, and two wavy sky blue pipe cleaners that spark your child’s creativity. Designed for travel, you can take this stimulating arctic adventure wherever you go! Don’t forget it’s a perfect kit to keep your little ones occupied when dining out and waiting!

Meemzy Surprise Mermaid Mini

Dive into a magical underwater world with our [Mermaid Travel kit]! This travel kit is perfect for mermaid lovers on the go. Collect all 6 unique mermaids! Each will come with one special mermaid to join you at the pool, the beach and on any road trips! It features a beautifully hand painted mermaid and a stunning pink and blue ombre crystal. Adding to the deep sea fun are naturally textured mini seashells and multi colored blue pipe cleaners. Tailored for travel, this kit ensures the world of mermaids join you on your own adventure, wherever it may take you!

Mama and Baby Penguins Explore

Waddle into an arctic adventure with our travel kit for on the go fun! This compact sensory Meemzy Mini features a mama and two adorable baby penguins. Create your next exploration complete with ice rocks and blue snowflake seed paper that will grow wildflowers when planted! Included are two wavy sky blue pipe cleaners that add an extra touch of creativity. Crafted for endless adventures, this kit brings the wonderful world of penguins along for the ride, wherever your journey leads!


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