We believe in the power of imagination!

 Dive deep into a magical realm where mermaids, sea creatures, and endless adventure awaits your little ones!

Can you help the mermaids keep our oceans clean?!

Keep Our Beaches Clean

Just like we tidy up our toys, let’s help keep our beaches clean so everyone, including our fishy friends, can enjoy it too!

Protect Our Ocean Friends

Our ocean is filled with amazing creatures, just like in our stories! Let’s promise to look after them by being careful and kind when we visit their home.

Recycle Plastic

Putting our empty bottles and papers into the special recycling bin is like magic, it helps turn them into something brand new, and keeps our ocean friends safe!


Listen to the story prompt and come up with the  end of the story!

Printable coloring pages

Click Here to download and print our mermaid coloring pages.

Explore the Ocean!

Play, listen & explore under the sea.

Listen to whale voices.