The desire to give toys to the little ones in our lives is universal. There is nothing quite like seeing their faces light up and watching as they explore the newest addition to their toybox. However, mainstream gifts can introduce several concerns, to parents and the environment. Meemzy Magic is helping solve these issues through eco-friendly sensory kits! The latest and greatest in toys for children, these bins offer open-ended and educational play for kids, without the guilt. Learn about the benefits of eco-friendly toddler toys – an easy swap that makes for less clutter and waste.

Non-Toxic Toys Mean Worry-Free Play

At the top of any parent’s list of concerns is their child’s safety. The same can’t be said for every toy company! It is estimated by the Denmark Technical University that as many as 25% of children’s toys contain harmful chemicals. Specifically due to the chemical additives that provide a specific level of hardness or elasticity. And since most toys are not labeled with the chemicals used to produce them, parents are unaware of potential harm, which can range from liver or kidney cancer to issues with fertility and disrupt growth or development. Thankfully, the solution is simple! Only purchase toys from well-established businesses that are transparent about their products and the production process. Meemzy Magic ensures the safety of children by using all-natural materials to create our non-toxic sensory kits.

Declutter Your Playroom, Your House, and Your Mind

The biggest complaint from parents of young children is clutter caused by toys! Children need toys, they’re integral to learning and development. Unfortunately, most toys offer limited entertainment. With a single use or objective, children tire of them quickly – at which point they become a hassle to store, and sit for years to collect dust. To combat this problem, parents and families should consider intentional gifting.

Investing in toys that can be used for open-ended play allows children to explore their own imagination and creativity. This ensures that each item is used to the fullest extent, and means less unsightly clutter. At Meemzy Magic, we even go a step further by packing our sensory kits in reusable bamboo boxes! Sleek and compact, they are perfect for stacking in the closet or taking on the go. Even better, the boxes fit perfectly in the Ikea Filsat table if that is your main sensory play location. 

Reduce Waste from Plastic Toys

In addition to the safety of your children, eco-friendly toddler toys are designed to keep our planet safe. The environmental impact is dire, considering 90 percent of toys sold in today’s market are made from plastic. Studies show that for every $1 million in revenue, 40 tons of plastic are produced. 2021’s estimated revenue of $38.2 billion means a whopping 152,800 tons of plastics made their way onto store shelves. Meemzy Magic is combating this problem through a commitment to reducing the use of plastic, opting instead for biodegradable materials. We do so in various ways, starting with our shipping boxes, made of bamboo. Inside, toys are made of all-natural materials and packed with minimal plastic. The only plastic you’ll find in our boxes is reusable jars (used for all-natural play dough).  Even our paper products are made from seed paper that will grow into wildflowers when planted.

reduce waste from plastic toys

Ready to invest in an eco-friendly toy brand? Let Meemzy Magic introduce you and your little ones to a world of imagination through our non-toxic sensory kits! Visit our shop today to place an order.