In a world where technology reigns supreme, it’s important that children know how to enjoy time away from electronics. Allowing kids to enjoy screen time whatsoever is a highly debated topic – many parents will decide that it simply isn’t necessary. However, it’s natural that kids will eventually take an interest in technology, especially when it is used and enjoyed by their peers. It is unrealistic that they have zero access to electronics. This is why it is becoming increasingly popular to create windows of time that are ‘technology-free’. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of limiting screen time, plus a few ways to entertain kids without electronics. 

Why Less Screen Time is Better

Never-ending advancements in technology make it increasingly difficult to pull our kids away from screens. And while the draw is understandable, it is up to parents and adults to teach kids about the world beyond tech and what it has to offer. There are several benefits to less screen time, from improving social skills to encouraging independent play. Here are a few that we find to be the most important!

  1. More time for exercise – When kids aren’t playing on their phones they usually enjoy getting up and moving around! This means better physical health and the chance to partake in sports or other physical hobbies. 
  2. Better social skills – One of the most detrimental effects of too much screen time is lacking social skills. Designated time without tech will encourage children to interact with family and friends, improving their ability to socialize.
  3. Their curiosity and creativity will thrive – Kids are naturally curious and creative! It is also their natural learning style, which they will be more likely to take part in without the distraction of electronic devices.
  4. Improved sleep – Technology is overstimulating and can lead to poor sleep. Screen time must be limited in the hours leading up to children’s bedtime so that they can get adequate sleep to function during the day.
  5. Better focus and brain function – There is a lot of research on the impact of screen time on attention span. Namely, it can alter children’s ability to focus on tedious tasks due to the desire for constant stimulation. This can increase the chance that they suffer from focus-related conditions like ADHD.
entertain your kids without electronics

Technology-Free Activities for Kids

Finding entertainment to replace screen time can be hard, but there are lots of options. It usually just takes a bit of trial and error to find out what peaks your children’s interests. Check out these technology-free activities that your kids will love – and might even choose over a tablet!

Get Outside and Explore

When the weather is nice there is nothing better than going outside for a bit of exploring. It is one of the best ways to engage multiple senses to improve learning. Whether you are hunting for bugs, identifying plants, or playing in the mud. Playing outdoors is a great activity that adults can also get involved in, prompting their kids to test their knowledge and skills, as well as their boundaries. 

Play a Board Game

The OG entertainment for kids, board games are not only fun but educational. They offer ample learning opportunities, even for young children. From helping them differentiate colors, learn to count spaces. As well as develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity, as they move cards and pieces. We recommend picking games that cater to your children’s individual needs and interests. Fan favorites are Operation and Trouble!

Sensory Kits

Open-ended play provided by sensory kits is an effective way to encourage independent play! This is especially important for younger children – fostering creativity and assisting with brain development. Visit the Meemzy Magic shop and treat your little ones to a world of imagination through our non-toxic sensory kits. Containing items like slime, playdough, miniature tools, and diverse figurines, they are the perfect entertainment for when you are stuck indoors on rainy days.