Minimalism and motherhood might sound like they are at odds with each other. After all, raising children comes with the accumulation of a lot of stuff. From child-sized furniture to toys and clothes, the list and mess can seem endless. Perhaps this is why more parents are embracing minimalism as a way to simplify their lives and reduce clutter. One way our favorite ways to combine minimalism and motherhood? Declutter your playroom with sensory kits from Meemzy Magic.

Minimalist Toys for Kids

Want to provide your children with a variety of tactile experiences in a contained and organized way? Let us introduce you to sensory kits or bins! They can be made from a variety of materials – sand, play dough, rice, and slime. And are usually tailored to suit the interests and developmental stage of your child.  The goal is to create a self-contained activity that your child can explore and manipulate at their own pace, without requiring a lot of supervision or assistance from you. Even better if they can take it on the go. Nothing beats a toy that keeps your child entertained for hours in the car.

Unsure about what is developmentally appropriate for your child or their current needs? Take a look at our previous blog on age-appropriate play! It will help point you in the direction of activities that will improve their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

minimalism and motherhood toys

Minimalism and Motherhood are Possible

Sensory kits are not only a great way to encourage exploration and imagination, but they can also help reduce playroom clutter. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean limiting playtime to a room full of natural wood toys. A self-contained activity that your child can enjoy on their own will reduce the need for a lot of toys. Many of them are repetitive; played with a handful of times before they get kicked to a corner to sit and collect dust. A selection of sensory kits will keep things fresh and interesting, without needing to constantly buy new toys or activities. And you can always spruce them up by adding your child’s favorite figurine or a new set of tools to the mix.

Aside from improving the cleanliness of your home, sensory kits serve a bigger purpose. They can help children to focus on the things that matter most. Learning to appreciate the world around them without the need for excessive possessions. Sensory kits can even assist them in developing a sense of contentment with the things they have, rather than constantly seeking more. The ability to be creative and use their imagination will encourage them to try new things and explore the world around them, rather than relying on material possessions for entertainment.

Ready to invest in sensory kits? It’s the perfect way to refresh your home, and the playroom, this spring! Let Meemzy Magic introduce you and your little ones to a world of imagination through our colorful, non-toxic sensory kits, designed for hours of open-ended play. Visit our shop today to place an order.