What we believe

  • Your energy should go to the fun stuff – We build kits and engaging play experiences so you can focus your time and energy where it counts the most. Playing with your children. That’s what Meemzy Magic is all about!
  • Hard doesn’t make it better. – You are not in competition with other mothers. The end goal is to have an amazing time with your kid. 
  • We are trying to be the shortcut to better. Better sourced material, better representation, better support for the people who need it.
  • When you know better, you can do better. – We believe that everyone is trying to do the best we can. – You can trust that we trying to continue to make better decisions for the planet, for the kids, and for our community. 
  • What’s best for your child is also what’s best for all children. We believe in a global community of children.
  • We can create opportunities for being completely present. We believe that uninterrupted and undistracted time for our children is essential but it doesn’t have to take hours of your day or take hours to prepare.

“What is a Meemzy?

“Meemzy is grandma’s nickname in our house. Whenever Meemzy visits, I feel like the very best mom in the whole world. She has a way of making us all our best version of ourselves. When I was a new mom and I didn’t have a clue what to do with my infant, Meemzy would swoop in and show me how to let go of all the stress of new parenthood and she would get right down at my daughter’s level and just play! She taught me how to embrace my inner child and just go with the flow, wherever our imaginations would go. I want to send that love and energy out into the world for all new parents who want to feel like the best version of themselves without all the guilt and worry.”

The beginning

When we became new parents, we struggled to adjust to the many demands of our busy lives between work, parenthood, and all the required daily tasks that keep a person alive. Above all else, we knew the one thing that really mattered was raising a happy and healthy child. When 5 pm hit and it was my turn to parent/make dinner/rotate laundry/clean up whatever mess my dog just made, I was running on empty. I found sensory play was a great outlet for my daughter through her early years and it would keep her engaged long enough for me to cook dinner. What a miracle! Cue the late-night Pinterest scrolling to find new, unique sensory experiences for me to create for my little darling.

The colorful rainbow rice was my first sensory mission. I bought a Costco-sized pack of rice and spent hours in the kitchen dying rice over the weekend, carefully separating each color to make beautiful patterns and designs for the sensory bin. There was not a surface that wasn’t covered in colorful vinegar rice spread thinly to dry. My kitchen was tied up for a whole day and the beautiful individual colors instantly became one giant pile of rainbow rice as soon as my daughter dug in. I was completely burnt out heading into Monday and my weekend project didn’t get me through Tuesday… Who has the time or energy for that?

So I continued to buy kits, but after buying dozens of kits, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase any more knowing how many little plastic pieces will outlive my whole family. I still find tiny plastic toys in my front yard years later and it breaks my heart. There had to be a better way!

Meemzy Magic was created to remove the stress, anxiety, planning, and work that goes on behind the scenes to make childhood magical for the children and adults. Providing enriching sensory play that is diverse, non-gender conforming, and as eco-friendly as possible.”

– Jennifer Stalley Crenshaw, Founder of Meemzy Magic

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